Benefits of Massage

Massage therapies have been growing its popularity as rampant as the hectic schedule and stress bearing side of the industry.  If you are wondering why it has grown in popularity, here are some reasons or benefits why. 

  1. Relaxation

Relaxation is what we initially think after a hectic week of work however sleeping it off may not always work to our advantage. Yes, a good bath in the tub at home might do some magic however massage is a good package to invest in if you want to ease a lot of body problems. Through a massage therapy, you actually release stress hormones called cortisol. This hormone has its way in helping you gain weight instead of love them, make you more awake instead of helping you sleep and trouble you with problems in your digestive system. Through massage therapies, stress hormones are released thus lowering the amount of it in your body. Moreover, massage also helps you relax and ease your mood. 

  1. Lower Blood Pressure

Research has shown that blood pressure levels are reduced when the body is engaged to massage therapy. It has also been believed to lessen or drop the high systolic and diastolic level of a person’s blood pressure. Besides decreasing cortisol which is more known as the stress hormone or dropping the level of systolic and diastolic of a person’s look pressure, it also reduces tension depression and even anxiety thus not only does it target or help physical related health but more importantly the mental health of a person.  

Given that your blood pressure levels are lowered, your chances of kidney failure or heart attack that are associated with blood pressure level also decrease in its chances of occurrence. 

  1. Decrease Muscle Tension

Sitting of eight hours in the twenty-hour day cycle of your everyday life often led to the most basic problem when it comes to body pain. Shoulder pain and back pain are most common dilemmas specially to those who do office work. In an office setting, individuals rarely invest in moving because most job involved will be scrolling through your computer. We may not always have the chance to change jobs as often as we need to just to make sure we avoid some body pain due to our line of work but we can always invest in something that can help us in any way. Through massage therapy, tense muscles are relaxed and encouraged in flexibility. Through massage, better circulation is promoted within the body thus making sure that the nutrients you take in and the oxygen your body needs are much more properly distributed within the body. Through circulation, swelling is reduced and pain as well. There is also a boost in pain relieving hormones namely dopamine and serotonin.  

If you are someone who is under a lot of stress or someone whose work involves a lot of sitting for a good number of hours, then you should invest in massage therapy yourself. Looking for a good place to relax? Seabreeze massage therapy San Diego offers a good massage therapy that will surely help you and your body relax. Connect today through setting an appointment on their website 


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